Saturday 6th October - 7.30pm

St Anne's Church, Lewes


Susanna MacRae - Bellezza

Thalie Knights - Piacere

Clara Kanter - Disinganno

Matúš Šimko - Tempo

Accompanied by The Baroque Collective (leader Alison Bury) and conducted by John Hancorn.
Tickets are available via , Lewes Tourist Information Centre or in person via St Anne's Church, Lewes.

Handel's first oratorio, 'Il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno' (The Triumph of Time and Disenchantment) had its premiere in Rome in 1707. The plot surrounds the conflict between earthly pleasures and divine grace.

Bellezza (Beauty) knows that one day her beauty will fade, but Piacere (Pleasure) tries to convince her that this is not the case, and in doing so, promises her eternal beauty. Tempo (Time) and Disinganno (Disenchantment) do their best to warn Belleza that like a flower, beauty and it's charms will not last. Bellezza eventually discovers the truth, and frees herself from vanity, and in doing so, turns her heart to God.

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